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Eid Mubarak Wishes, Gift Cards Greetings 2017 – Eid Al Adha 2017

As soon as he cut Hazrat Ismail’s throat and untied the cloth he saw that a dead lamb was there in the place of hazrat Ismail and miraculously hazrat Ismail was fine and unharmed. This incident signifies the obedience that Hazrat Ibrahim showed towards his creator. Allah asked him to sacrifice his own son and despite it being the hardest job for Hazart Ibrahim, he did not feel hesitant, did not give a second thought, and performed the sacrifice. This incident holds great importance in the Islamic history and sets an example for the Muslim ummah.

Here you see the greeting and wishes Eid ul adha 2017 gift card. In before some years ago people use gift card to wish the Eid mubarak for elders, youngers and also her lover one. But with pessage of time will change and now is a digital way to wish them a one text messages and whatsapp status only.

Hazart Ibrahim showed that his love for Allah is beyond anything. He was ready to sacrifice the life of his dearest and beloved son because his love and obedience for Allah was greater than any relation he had. This sets an example for the Muslim Ummah to follow that they should keep everything as their second priority and should worship and obey the commands of Allah.

As a reward of obedience, Allah gave hazrat Ibrahim the blessing of his second son hazrat Isaac. This also portrayed that Allah surely bestows his blessings upon the ones who obey him. That is why in the remembrance of such a pious, bravery and  obedient act all the Muslims around the world celebrate Eid ul ahza. They sacrifice animals that include lamb, goat, cow and camel in the way of Allah.

With reference to the importance of Eid ul adha it says in the Holy Quran (Surah Al-Baqarah verse 196 )

“And complete the Hajj and ‘umrah for Allah . But if you are prevented, then [offer] what can be obtained with ease of sacrificial animals. And do not shave your heads until the sacrificial animal has reached its place of slaughter. And whoever among you is ill or has an ailment of the head [making shaving necessary must offer] a ransom of fasting [three days] or charity or sacrifice. And when you are secure, then whoever performs ‘umrah [during the Hajj months] followed by Hajj [offers] what can be obtained with ease of sacrificial animals. And whoever cannot find [or afford such an animal] – then a fast of three days during Hajj and of seven when you have returned [home]. Those are ten complete [days]. This is for those whose family is not in the area of al-Masjid al-Haram. And fear Allah and know that Allah is severe in penalty.”

Happy Eid Ul Adha 2017 Greetings

May the day delight
and the moments measure all the special joys
for all of you to treasure.
May the year ahead
be fruitful too,
for your home and family
and specially for you.


Bakra Eid Mubarak
May ur plate of life be always full of juicy kebabs
& tikkas, topped with the chutney of happiness.
With best wishes

May the Mercy & Blessing’s of the Almighty be with you, your family, and friends during this auspicious Eid Blessings Day and continue to be always, and May Allah (swt) have accepted all our prayers/duas during this blessed month of Ramadan, insha’Allah (God Willing).

May your year ahead continue to be filled with a healthy, wealthy, and prosperity life, and May you have a Joyous and Spirited Eid Mubarak (Blessings) day with all your dear ones, including people of all faiths and humanity, filled with Love, Peace, and Happiness …. Ameen

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